Counselling and therapy with citylinks

We offer face to face or online counselling for issues like anxiety, relationship issues and depression. We provide supervision to counsellors and those in training. Contact us to find out more about our counselling and therapy services.


Booking counselling and therapy online

What do I need to do?
We work with depression, anxiety and other life difficulties and book sessions on the basis of what works best for you. Do this online, by phone or any other mobile device.


How counselling and therapy helps

Who do I need to contact
The process of healing starts with the initial consultation where you speak to a professional member of our citylinks team about what you are experiencing to help find the best way forward to get you back on track.


A view from the client’s chair

Most of us are aware that if therapy is to be a success it is vital for the client to feel at ease with the therapist. But how important is it for them to feel physically comfortable in the space? …

How counselling and therapy helps

The positive effects of counselling and therapy can benefit you enormously. The exploration of your thoughts with a non-judgmental person can make you feel less alone and more in control of your life than you think. Muddled thoughts in a …


At citylinks I found the space to work through issues which were affecting me on a daily basis. Raj really helped me to turn my life around.


Great counselling service, productive techniques used. Very postive outcome.


Very professional service, Raj was consistent throughout and provided a great healing space.