A resolution for depression!

Resolution or depression?

Erika Sanger

With another year over, the chaos of Christmas forgotten and New Year resolutions already broken it may be now people ponder over what they achieved last year and all the wonderful things they hope to achieve in the year to come. However it is often with these high expectations and hopes for a long Spring that confidence in oneself begins to wane and the dread of achieving very little may set in. It is a well known fact that January brings much depression to many and I wonder if the anticlimax following New Years Eve may be enough to catapult even the strongest of minds to loose focus and sink into the depths of despair. For most the holiday preparations allow us to busy ourselves to the point of distraction and are usually enough to keep any negative feelings at bay. Each menial task can be masked as a effort to make it “the best Christmas ever!” and if we are having any difficulty kidding ourselves what better time of the year to take a seasonal tipple to help the mood. The general consensus is often to indulge during the holidays with a view to abstaining from any caffeine, cocoa, nicotine, alcohol or any other foreign substance which has provided us with comfort and pleasure during the last 12 months and yet live a much more happier life becoming better people all round before next Christmas. These estimations of our ability to deny ourselves with simple pleasure while becoming even more fulfilled however are the exact ingredients one needs to feel a complete failure by Jan 2 and I feel are the ultimate reasons why January could be the most depressing month of any year, hurtling people down a railroad of destruction. If we could just break away from the annual cycle of trying to make life better by denying ourselves the things which keep us sane and turn the new year into a celebration of our survival of another year without leaving any permanent damage to ourselves or others, rejoicing in the wonderful comforts of life by resolving to enjoying them even more this year. In short, rather than cheating ourselves through January with the leftover goodies from Christmas why not keep some money aside to do an extra big shop to indulge in and rejoice in the fact that you won’t even need to share it with any extended family or long lost friends!