How counselling and therapy helps

The positive effects of counselling and therapy can benefit you enormously. The exploration of your thoughts with a non-judgmental person can make you feel less alone and more in control of your life than you think. Muddled thoughts in a chaotic mind can be challenging, lead to poor choices with the inability to make positive decisions; further leading to on-going misery and a life full of let downs. The collaborative process of counselling, building a relationship that is confidential and unique to you, will help you move forward to achieve what you would like from life.

With a therapist alongside to help share some of those thoughts enables thinking to become more directed and goal orientated with a confidence that change is achievable. You should not feel ashamed of anything you bring to the relationship. Sharing should feel empowering with a zest to inspire change, change that we all endeavour. There are many psychological studies that advocate, with empirical findings, that counselling and therapy lead to overall improved mental, physical and social well-being.

At Citylinks our techniques encompass a wide range of approaches to best suit your needs. We believe that what approach helps one person one can damage another even if symptoms are comparable. That is why we work with your strengths because it is you that knows yourself the best. We support you to make your own decisions with a sense of empowerment that will lead to lasting change, change specific to you and your circumstances. We do not focus on problems. We support you to find solutions to solve your problems.