Initial steps

You can call free on 077131 48873 or 0208 257 7901 to speak to one of our therapists direct. You can either discuss your issue/s with them on the telephone or arrange an initial consultation whereby they will be able to give you suggestions or recommendations of how to get started; who to see and what approach is most suitable for your needs. Citylinks counselling works with a wide range of issues ranging from low mood, lack of interest or enjoyment in life, fatigue, low energy, sleep disturbance, weight change, anxiety, poor-concentration and motivation, self-harm, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), obsessive compulsive disorders/behaviour (OCD) and general irritability.

The initial free phone consultation will make clear your issues of concern and offer you a weekly appointment at a set time that suits you.  We will allocate a psychotherapist whose therapeutic approach is compatible with your needs, the duration of therapy sessions and will last for as long as you and your therapist feels is helpful to overcome your problems. The number of sessions can also be fixed at the start of therapy if it is discussed as being the most appropriate form of treatment.

We provide a safe, private and non-judgmental environment where you, the client are able to explore past experiences, current difficulties and future possibilities to reach your full potential and personal goals.

We provide psychotherapy and counselling for bereavement, anxiety, academic challenges, short-term, long term therapy and mental health counselling for stress, depression, relationship difficulties and anxiety related symptoms.

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