At citylinks counselling we offer:

Quality – We are fully committed to delivering excellent treatment and care you can appreciate.  All our psychotherapists and counsellors are experienced, qualified professionals whose methods facilitate sustained results.

Rapid access – Appointments at citylinks can be arranged within 24 hours from the first contact.

Flexibility – We aim to fit around your lifestyle and work commitments.  We have a number of appointments available during the day, evenings and on weekends at short notice.

Treatment – We offer individually tailored treatment, agreed with you based on what you tell us about your experiences.

Confidentiality – We understand that some issues can be sensitive and difficult to talk about but you can rest assured that all of our therapists work in absolute confidence adhering strictly to the Data Protection Act as well as other ethical bounding requirements.

Internet-based therapy – for those who are unable to come into one of our therapy centres we offer convenient, secure internet-based therapy, where and when appropriate.

We provide counselling, psychotherapy and mental health in London.