Our therapists will provide a safe and confidential space to explore your difficulties, feelings and emotions. We will assist you to work through barriers and achieve your goal of leading a fuller life.


Values and beliefs

Citylinks counselling recognises that it’s important to have the right ‘type’ of therapy.  We understand that there are different types of therapies available and that’s why we say it’s important to think about it carefully before you engage.

We use a range of different evidence-based approaches ranging from psychoanalysis to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).  This approach is called integrative.  We believe it’s important to create a style of therapeutic approach that’s right for you, your personality and how long you wish to remain in treatment.  We believe for therapy to have sustained effects depend on the quality and strength of the relationship between the therapist and you, the client.  This rule also applies to couples counselling too.  At citylinks counselling that is something we strongly believe in and is at the very heart of our work.

We take referrals across London from Tower Hamlets, Barbican, Redbridge, Liverpool Street, Shoreditch, Angel Islington and Old street.  All our offices are within short walking distances of public transport are private and easily reachable.