“The opportunity of having a ‘one-off’ session really did help me focus on what it was that was bothering me for so long” – Catherine.

At citylinks I found the space to work through alot of the issues that was were affecting me on a daily basis. They really helped me to turn my life around for the better”, Mr M.

“Great counselling and therapy service, very discreet and local.  The initial assessment really helped me to focus on what was causing me to be so down. Very postive outcome and i’m glad i engaged with the service”, Mrs C.

“After seeing one of the professional therapists at citylinks for 3 months I felt lighter and ready to cope with life again, take on new challenges and face what was in front of me that was stopping me from moving forward”, T.Monarch

“Very professional service, very discreet.  The therapist was consistent and professional throughout and provided a great healing space for me to work through some of the difficulties i did’nt even know were bothering me so much.  Things certainly looked different”, Miss S,

“I look forward to my weekly sessions at citylinks. For the first time I feel i’m able to talk about things without feeling judged or embarressed, things i’ve been living with for years“, Ms K

“I thought i would never get through the pain i was experiencing when i was bereft, but after working through so much of my grief and bereavment with citylinks i’m know back to living a life of relative normality, with things in more persepctive. Thank you citylinks for all your support, wisdom and those thoughtful times you really allowed me to come to terms with what i was experiencing. P”

“I would just like to comment on the wonderful service, level of confidentiality and professionalism i recieved when working with the therapy service at citylinks. Without these i would have struggled to carry on.” S.Tomlinson

“I was having trouble with mental health problems and became very conscious of the stigma that i was experiencing. Working through some of these issues really helped me understand that it was not my fault and that there was help and support available for what i was going through. Thanks citylinks counselling”.

“I want to say a huge thank you to citylinks for the help and support they provided in helping me find a way through my depression, thank you”. Mrs Taylor.

“I would like to say huge thank you to the team at citylinks counselling for a comforting experience of counselling. Thanks, K.T